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Beekeeping Materials | To Be Considerations

Beekeepers’ activities are a very enjoyable hobby. Beekeeping is not only trying to produce honey in the hive, but also and above all, it is about improving the environment we live in. As beekeepers, we contribute to the restoration of the environment and the pollination of plants and agricultural products. We aim to promote beekeeping, beekeeping materials and bee products not only with beekeepers but also among the public. We are a stable honey producer that offers news from traditional kinds of beekeeping materials and the world of beekeeping.

Beekeeping Materials

Modern Beehive

The most useful as beekeeping materials is the modern bucket. Although there are different types of beehives, the best efficiency is provided by modern beehives.

Langstroth Type Beehive

It is a complicated bee hive, which has been produced from plastic raw materials suitable for food, which is a domestic production recently, and all its parts are compatible with each other. It can serve as a cover and cover board manger, 4-compartment syrup and also beehive-like cover board. The frame made of plastic raw material, which is the plastic frame of the standard production, is divided into two, and candles are placed in it. Then, it is closed on the other part of the frame and the wax installation is completed.

Langstroth type beehives are fully compatible with TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and wooden cartridges in normal market. Wooden floors can be used on these floors or wooden hatching beneath them. There are no restrictions. The widest size of Langstroth type covers is 44 cm. This cover is suitable for all wooden cases up to 44 cm.

Queen Bee Grille

The queen bee grill, which is compatible with the hive, is mostly used during the honey period. Putting this grill on the hatchery, it is prevented for the queen bee to go out to the honey field, to throw the bee cub and to incubation there. It is used to prevent the different pollen storage of the honeycombs, to which honey will be filled intensely. If you want to get clean and honey-filled combs, you can prevent the queen bee from going up by using this queen bee grill. So the honey you buy from the top becomes a very clean honey.

Propolis Trap

In the honey period and after, that is, during the transition to autumn, the propolis trap is placed instead of the manger. In the transition to the autumn period, bees try to fill the grill holes with propolis completely in preparation for the winter. Thus, propolis collection is carried out very simply. Then the propolis is made fragile in a cold environment, bending the elastic propolis trap, it is ensured that the propolis are dropped from the trap and harvested.


There are two types of bellows, stainless and galvanized sheet. There are suspended models that can be hung on the edge of the hive, simpler models that can be worked on by putting them on the hive, and quality and large chamber bellows for those who have more bees. The quality of the pump’s skin or the material from which it is made is important for pumping performance in the blowers.

Bellows Fuel

It is a harmless natural product that makes very good smoke, increases the performance of the bellows.

Bellows Spray

It is a practical product that beekeepers usually keep it in the vehicle and in the bag. When there is no fuel, any kind of intervention to the bee can be done by spraying the blower on the hive. The smell of thyme in it has a calming effect for bees.

Flight Board

The hive flight board is equipment that is securely closed and locked by preventing bees from entering or exiting the hive during transportation. The product box and its upper parts are secured together with a ratchet device that also acts as a carrying handle.


It is provided to reach the sherbet without contacting the bee by bringing it to the cut part of the plywood, which can ensure the comfortable exit of the bees. In order to prevent the bees from going out in the manger, it is useful to have the opening covers of the mangers with claws. What is called quality is hidden in such small details.

Frame Carrying Chest

It is a product used in honey harvest. It is a useful product that allows you to shake the honey-laths taken from the beehive, shake the bees into the transport box, close the lid and carry it to the milking place. At the same time, bee invasion is prevented with this. Honey laths taken from the beehive during milking should never be left open. It should be kept closed immediately.


Mask can be preferred according to the season, for summer and winter. There are head masks, overalls-like astronaut-type masks used for practical treatments on the head part, masks that are just tulle-shaped, and many mask models used by wearing a hat and tulle underneath.

Astronaut Type Mask

It is a full-length mask model with more ventilation at the head and preferred in hot weather. Those who are sensitive or allergic to bees may prefer astronaut type masks.


Available in plastic and wooden handles. It is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of the bristles and the handle. Bee brushes are used to clean the honeycomb of bees.

Hand Iron

It should be noted that one end has a scraper feature and one end has a hook feature. It provides convenience to remove the frame and separate the casing bodies.

Blackhive Frame

It is divided into two as wooden pulleys and plastic black hive laths used in honey beehive honey production. By placing these pulleys in each compartment, they are given to the bee in an empty manner. Bee knits it with honeycomb honey during the honey period and presents 2 pulley of clean honey. The pulley is given to the bee empty, and it becomes a completely natural, pure honey, as the bee itself does all the wax, honey and glaze on it. Black hive produces honeycomb honeys also in science hives.

Self-Honeycomb Frame

Case dimensions are in normal lath dimensions. When it is attached to the normal frame, when the candle is attached and the basic honeycomb is provided, there are gaps that allow the bee to walk around the back as well as the space left underneath. It is ready, completely printed honeycomb. In other words, there is no difference between bee’s wax embossing and honeycomb frame embossing. Bees can process this with the same meticulousness, throw offspring, and store honey and pollen. In no way does the bee distinguish it.

Wire Tension Pliers

It is an equipment used to stretch and knit the wires in the frame to provide better strength with the wax.

Bird Eye

Ferrules made of yellow material used in wooden frames. Place them in the hole-punched eyes before installing wire, then the wire is attached and the wire does not pass through the tree while stretching this wire and using these thimbles to prevent the tree from splitting, it provides better tensioning of the wire. Then, by making these wires knurled with wire pliers, it provides the base honeycomb to the frame and wires much better.


It is an equipment that must be used. It is more sheltered to be armbanded. It is a must for novice or experienced beekeepers. There are plastic-coated gloves, canvas gloves and leather gloves to provide the beekeeper with many protective options. Plastic gloves provide very high protection. Leather gloves are very flexible and allow the beekeeper to easily change the equipment. Canvas gloves are a less expensive glove that provides protection at a low price.

Glaze Comb

The glaze used by the bee on the honeycomb during the honey harvest period is an equipment used to remove the layer and open the honeycomb eyes.

Glaze Knife

It is a more practical equipment compared to the glaze comb, where you can cut a honey bar with the glaze on the whole honey in one go.


It is a piece of equipment that allows the basic comb to be placed on a 3 rows of wires, while combining the frame wires with candles, especially on wooden laths, and that combines with these wires completely. It is heated by hot water by sitting on the wire and passed over the wax several times and the wax is combined with the wire.

Perga Pen

It is an equipment designed to remove the pollen in the comb cell. Honeycomb is soaked in the eye, the pollen in the honeycomb is squeezed into the chamber in the pencil and the pollen in the honeycomb is obtained by removing the pen.


By connecting the cables of the adapter to the wires in the honeycomb, a heat is generated by the current passing through the wire, and thanks to this heat, the wax melts, allowing it to be buried inside the honeycomb. Thus, perfect bonding is provided. A lath made in this way is much more difficult to break after being fed into the hive. The bee will handle this well.

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