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Beekeeping Regions, What is Flora?

Flora is all plants grown in a region. Beekeeping regions are generally the high hills of the cities. These are the regions where the flora is continuous, that is, where the flower variety is high.

How important is the flora of the environment and what should be considered when choosing the location of the bees? Can beekeeping be done in each region or can honey be obtained?

A good beekeeper should know the local honey flow time. Bees bring nectar to the hive from February to October. They mostly use the nectar they bring, that is, honey extract in raising their offspring. Every region has a honey flow time. Honey flow time may vary by region. Bees carry the honey to be stored in the hive during this period. In order to grow the hive, it is necessary to analyze this calendar well.

Technically, the bee must be grown to the time of honey flow. In order to grow the bee, the field bees that will come out in the hives must be ready when the honey flow begins, that is, when the flowers form nectar. A small math account is needed for this. In other words, grown bees should be in the hive 6 weeks before. Because this egg will turn into worker bees in 3 weeks, this worker will be in the hive in the next 3 weeks. Later, he will go on training flights, and eventually, when there is bee in his field, the honey flow will have started. If these two cannot be matched, the honey harvest that year may be weak.

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