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Beginning Beekeeping and Information

It is useful to know the basic methods about beekeeping information for those who are new to beekeeping or are considering starting up.

Beekeeping is usually started in 3 ways:

  1. With primitive hive transfer
  2. With swarm
  3. Science hives

Beginning Beekeeping with Primitive Hive

We recommend that those who are new to beekeeping prefer this route. This is a very difficult task. Transfer work is a job that requires complete mastery and skill. It has a certain season, there is no transfer in every season. The native hive to be transferred and the scientific hive are placed side by side or on top of the local hive.

Bees are allowed to become familiar with the hive within a few days. Then it is necessary to start the transfer without season honey formation, the air should not be cold enough to cold the fry. Transfer is started by giving plenty of smoke to the native hive. Of course, the back of the beehive also needs to be removed. Care should be taken not to waste the queen bee. The juvenile spleens are carefully cut and attached to their frame and these spleens are not kept outside. Native beehive parts are removed immediately. When doing this, there should be no too high air temperature.

Beginning Beekeeping with Swarm

The leave of the swarm depends on the season time. The strongest swarm beekeepers never want to sell. Although a 2nd or 3rd son can be found, it is not preferred because it can deter beekeepers in this way.

Beginning Beekeeping with Science Hive

Such hives are most suitable for those who first started beekeeping. Those who are new to beekeeping should start with 1 or 2 hives. These hives should be very strong. The morale of our farmers who have just started beekeeping should not be spoiled. Farmers who have just started beekeeping should establish a close relationship with the people who have sufficient knowledge on this subject and technical organizations at every opportunity and increase their knowledge about beekeeping information as soon as possible.

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