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What are Endemic Plants? Endemic Plants in Turkey

Turkey, which has a rich flora, with the large number of endemic plants among the leading countries of the world. In our country, which has over 10,000 plant species, 3,500 of them are endemic.

Endemic plants are rare plants that are found only in one place in the world, not found elsewhere, or even unlikely to be found. Turkey is a country rich in endemic plants, with 3 describes being formed in geological time.

Turkey is the richest region in terms of endemic plants in the Mediterranean region. The region with the least endemic plants is the Black Sea region. In the Aegean Region, Antalya, Mersin and Konya are the richest cities in terms of endemic plants. The richest mountains in terms of endemic plants are the Taurus Mountains and Amanos Mountains.

Endemic plants are extremely important. Because only found in one place in the world, Turkey is a natural heritage to be passed on to future generations. In many places, these endemic plants are taken under protection. The most important of endemic plants in Turkey, sweetgum tree is located in Las Vegas. Sweetgum trees are used in many areas from cosmetics to pharmacy and medicine. It is used as a frankincense in rituals in churches. Another name for this is the Log Tree.

Datca persimmon in Teke Region, Pulley Oak in Isparta Eğirdir, Istranca Oak in Thrace Yıldız Mountains and the Western Black Sea (Around Zonguldak), İspir Oak between Kastamonu and Yozgat, Anzer Stream is around Rize, they are the regions where the main endemic plants of Turkey are found.

endemic plants in Turkey are divided into 3 zones. We call these 3 Phytological Zones. If we explain these Phytological Regions in detail;

  • The place where the Black Sea climate is effective — Euro-Siberian Floristic Region,
  • Places where Mediterranean climate is effective — Mediterranean Floristic Region,
  • Region covering Central Anatolia / Eastern Anatolia and Southeast — Iran-Turan Floristic Region.

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