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What Are The Most Important Bee Species In Terms Of Economics?

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera), which is among the most economically important bee species, has a hundred thousand species, among which are insects, including wild and wasps. This genus called Apis contains only social bees.

Gotze(1964) states that there are two bee species according to different spreading areas.

  • Honey bee (Apis Mellifera)
  • India Bee (Apis cerana), formerly known as Apis indica

Von Butter – Rippen (1906) gives information that there are two different types of bees.

  • Giant bee (Apis dorsata)
  • Dwarf bee (Apis florea)

Giant and dwarf bees can be easily distinguished according to their size.

While worker bees of the giant bees have a body length of 16-17 mm, this ensures that they are in the first place in terms of length.

Although the honey bee is 9-13 mm, the Indian bee has a body length of 8-11 mm.

These 4 species, which I mentioned above, can be easily distinguished according to their region.

The distribution areas of giant and dwarf bees cover India and the surrounding islands. While the bee in India is seen in the Asian region and the surrounding islands, the honey bee has spread all over the world.

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