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What is Propolis and Benefits of Propolis

Propolis is a very useful component produced by bees. Due to the chemicals in its content, has anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor properties. Like honey, is a substance that is produced by bees and has incredible benefits. Which contains many components with its contents, is good for many diseases ranging from cold to cancer. As a result of regular use with many benefits such as anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-hemorrhoids, analgesics, anti-viral provides healing of diseases.

What is Propolis?

The propolis made by bees can be regarded as “glue” that holds everything together. It was thought that the bees used it to protect their hives from rain, cold winds or snow. However, it was noticed later that the use of this for protection was the most basic use. Strengthen the structure and balance of the hive; It was also used to minimize disturbing vibrations, to prevent the transmission of diseases and parasites to hives and to mummify the intruders entering the hive. It is typically a mixed resin of beeswax, saliva, plant extract and various botanical products in the environment.

Content of Propolis

Has rich chemical structure and contains flavonoids, antioxidants, biologically active substances, antibiotics, antimycotic and antiviral active substances. The inorganic substances found in propolis include Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Barium (Ba), Bor (Bo) (trace), Strontium (Sr), Zinc (Zn), Cadmium (Cd Silicon (Si), Selenium (Se) (trace), Iron (Fe), Nickel (Ni), Chromium (Cr), Manganese (Mn), Titanium (Ti), Silver (Ag), Cobalt (Co) is Vanadium (V).

What are the Benefits of Propolis?

It is astonishing how useful this dark colored adhesive is. It is known to be a substance that fights very well with colds and flu, and removes symptoms quickly when taken three times a day. There are also benefits to the skin of that, except for health. 10 benefits of Propolis to change your life:

Kills Bacteria;

In a study, the anti-bacterial properties of propolis acting on the mouth and root canals were investigated. The researchers compared propolis with calcium hydroxide, a highly effective anti-microbial agent, and found that propolis was much more effective than calcium in removing some microbes.

In traditional medicine, it has been used in the treatment of colds and flu. This use of this clearly demonstrates how strong bacterial killing properties work in the body.

Reduces Blood Pressure;

Nitric oxide is a very important substance for heart health. Increases blood flow by expanding blood vessels. Reduction of the amount of nitric oxide in the blood causes high blood pressure. An insufficient amount of nitric acid in the blood causes a heart attack. Tyrosine refers to the amount of nitric acid in the blood called the hydroxylase (or TS for short).

The researchers thought that propolis could reduce Th and lower the tension. In the study with mice, nitro-1-arginine methyl ester was administered to them for 15 days to increase blood pressure of the mice. In the next 15 days, mice were given propolis.

At the end of the study, it was observed that this reduced the activity of TH and lowered the tension naturally.

Helps Bone Diseases Treatment;

Another benefit of it is to create healthy bone tissue and protect the existing one. Scientists have recently researched that a very strong compound in propolis can stop or reverse bone diseases due to bone resorption. They suggested that these compounds would be very effective in suppressing inflammations causing bone diseases. They also suggested that these compounds could be a potential treatment for bone loss diseases such as osteoporosis.

Helps Allergy Treatment;

One of the most important benefits of propolis is to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergy. In one study, scientists gave rats propolis for two weeks. In this process, they found that significantly reduced histamine release from mast cells in mice. Histamine is a compound that causes sneezing, watery eyes and nasal discharge. Antihistamines are the most common use of allergy drugs.

The results clearly show that propolis reduces allergy effects. So you should not forget to take a daily dose when the allergy seasons come.

Kills Prostate Cancer Cells;

Prostate cancer is a cancer common in men. But there is exciting news about this deadly disease – one of the benefits to health of propolis is that it prevents and suppresses this type of cancer. Scientists studied the healing effects on two types of cancer of the prostate. Compounds were found to kill cancer-causing cells and play an important role in accelerating the healing process.

Kills Colon Cancer Cells;

Scientists have recently decided to look at the potential effects of propolis against cancer prevention and antimicrobial at the same time. First, propolis was exposed to four different microbiological agents. Which has killed many bacteria that cause the common cold, has also shown that it has a very strong microbicidal effect. Scientists have then tested propolis on colon cancer cells. During the tests, it was observed that propolis inhibited the feeding of cancer cells and destroyed cancer cells. However, it has never harmed healthy cells.

Chemotherapy does the opposite – killing both healthy cells and cancer cells. This is the reason why chemotherapy has such severe and destructive side effects.

After all, this research is very promising. Throughout history, the longest-lived and healthy nations regularly used propolis and other bee products. These recent studies have proven the definitive contribution of propolis to healthy and long life.

Can Be Used in the Treatment of Food Poisoning;

In a recent study, it was analyzed how propolis affected food poisoning. Scientists have found that propolis inhibits the growth of organisms called C. jejuni, Enterobacter faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus, which have led to widespread food poisoning. Propolis products can be used in addition to the treatment of infections, especially when antibiotics do not work. If you always have a propolis in your bag you can take a dose after eating at a place you do not know.

Helpful For Post-Treatment Teeth;

Traumatic injuries in the teeth, as well as the conditions that occur after the treatment, such as inflammation, cause a difficult situation for the dentist. In a study, the effect of propolis on the inflammation after dental treatment and withdrawal was examined. Thus, the removed tooth could be replaced again. At the end of the study, it was observed that propolis stopped the inflammation in dental treatments.

Probably, people who consume propolis regularly have less inflammation in their body and consequently less disease. This leads to a healthy and long-lasting life.

Heat Stress and Athletic Performance;

One of the reasons that propolis is so beneficial to health is that it is full of antioxidants. In a study, it was stated that these special antioxidants protect the athletes against overheating and are therefore very useful for athletes.

The active ingredients known as caffeic acid phenethyl ester or CAPE in propolis have antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Heat stress is considered the main factor underlying premature fatigue and dehydration during long-term exercise in a warm place.

The researchers examined the blood of 30 competitive bikers who received endurance training for two to four years before the study. As a result of the study, it was stated that CAPE (one of the strong compounds in propolis) could support athletic performance. In other words, it is recommended that athletes consume propolis especially in summer.

Effect On Warts and Benefits On Skin;

In a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology in November 2009, it was reported that propolis was highly effective against warts. One-off study was performed with 135 randomly selected patients. In this 3-month study, 135 patients with different wart types were given propolis, echinacea or placebo. At the end of the propolis treatment, 73% of the patients with the same type of warts improved.

These results were significantly better than those associated with echinacea or placebo.

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